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Program Information

The Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program provides oversight and sets standards for the delivery of screening mammography services under the umbrella of IWK Health and Nova Scotia Health. It supports the two health authorities by centralized appointment booking, results notification, and evaluation. Monitoring and evaluating organized breast screening programs is essential to ensure individuals are receiving high-quality services that result in the reduction of morbidity and mortality from breast cancer while minimizing the unwanted effects of screening. 

Our mandate it to:

  • provide cost-effective breast screening for Nova Scotian women aged 50-74 (who numbered approximately 177,942 in 2021) 
  • develop standards, guidelines, and policies to support a decentralized model of breast screening at multiple sites throughout Nova Scotia
  • monitor and evaluate dissemination, uptake, application, and outcome of standards and guidelines 
  • review the delivery of certain clinical services
  • provide continuing education for professionals and general education to the public


To enhance quality of life through the early detection of breast cancer.  

Mission statement

To improve the breast health amongst the people of Nova Scotia through high-quality, accountable, and seamless breast imaging and diagnosis ensuring continuity of patient care. 




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Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program
603L-7001 Mumford Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 2H8


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Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm