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Trans, Gender-Diverse, and Non-Binary Screening Guidelines

The diversity of people in Nova Scotia who can benefit from breast screening extends beyond cisgender women. This is why we have clear guidelines for screening for trans, gender-diverse, non-binary people.

Screening eligibility for trans women and men

In Nova Scotia, self-referral for screening mammograms is recommended according to the following guidelines.

Trans women who have taken gender-affirming hormones for five years or more are eligible for a screening mammogram. If you’re older than 50, get a mammogram every two years after you’ve been taking hormones for at least five years. If you’re between the ages of 40-49, talk to a health care provider to see if screening is right for you. 

Trans women who have been taking gender-affirming hormones for less than five years are not currently eligible for a screening mammogram. Be sure to see a primary care provider if you notice any breast lumps or changes—and tell them about anyone in your family who’s had breast cancer.

Trans men who still have breast/chest tissue (who have not had gender-affirming surgery) are eligible for a screening mammogram. 

Trans men who have had gender-affirming surgery and no longer have breast/chest tissue are not currently eligible for a screening mammogram. 

If you’re a trans man or woman you should talk with a primary care provider about what screening you need, when to start, and how often. Of course, regardless of your sex or gender, if you notice a lump or other unusual breast change, you should always see a primary care provider to get it checked out.

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